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  • Today was my first visit and I must say how pleased I am. Let me state, foremost, how terrified I am of doctors, however Dr. Patel and his amazing staff put my fears to rest. From the moment I entered his, Park Slope, office the smiles and warmth of his staff reassured me that I was in the right place.

    Dr. Patel is very professional and is very much in tuned with his patients needs. I am very grateful I ditched my original appointment and headed over to see him instead.

    I will return with my followup after my scheduled surgery.

    I would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of orthopedic services!

    By - Lesleen
    23-Aug-2017 03:52 AM
  • This was my first visit to Dr. Patel, he and his staff was very warm and friendly. He took his time explaining everything in plain terms so that I clearly understood what issues I was facing in regards to my health. Excellent doctor. It
    By - Lashawnda B
    23-Aug-2017 03:50 AM
  • Great doctor. No waiting, no bull, just good service / attention.
    By - Dan M
    23-Aug-2017 03:49 AM
  • He is Excellent Dr, and the office staff helpful and professional
    By - Zakher H
    23-Aug-2017 03:49 AM
  • Really accurate diagnosis, explanation of treatment plan and top professional Orthopedic and Hand surgeon.
    By - Andrea G
    23-Aug-2017 03:48 AM
  • He was terrific. So glad the first Dr I booked cancelled my appointment.
    By - Deangela M
    23-Aug-2017 03:48 AM
  • Dr. Patel was very professional. He is very personable and knows his subject matter. As a dancer, he was aware of my concerns and knew what to look for. I feel that he will help me going forward and I will recommend him.
    By - E. Kendall V
    23-Aug-2017 03:47 AM
  • Great office. Latest technology. What
    By - Sally Hurrem L
    23-Aug-2017 03:47 AM
  • Dr. Patel is an outstanding Dr. His office is clean and well lit. His receptionist was friendly and professional. After taking X-Rays in office, Dr. Parel allows you to look at slides and explains what your looking at. He offers various options but doesn
    By - Keith B
    23-Aug-2017 03:46 AM
  • He was wonderful! Made me feel confident we were going to figure out what was wrong with my back. Helped me with everything he could at the moment. Will definitely continue to see him for my back.
    By - Margot M
    23-Aug-2017 03:46 AM
  • Great bedside manner! Took me seriously even though my problem is very small. Put it into perspective of why I should get it taken care of even though it
    By - Michelle J
    23-Aug-2017 03:45 AM
  • Dr Patel was great! Very informative and pleasant.
    By - Sheila L
    23-Aug-2017 03:45 AM
  • I felt very confident that he had my best interest at heart. Great mannerism and his staff was very helpful.
    By - Temeka N
    23-Aug-2017 03:45 AM
  • very informative.
    By - Shadale S
    23-Aug-2017 03:44 AM
  • Such a pleasant visit. Polite and professional.
    By - Gloria A
    23-Aug-2017 03:43 AM
  • I had severe back pain and could not move for days. I made my appoint around 11:00 PM the night before and I was able to be seen the next day which was a Saturday. I was taken into the room right away. I spent about 30 minutes at the office and I would say 27 of those minutes were with the doctor. Dr. Patel was very friendly and helpful and explained everything.
    By - Keith D
    23-Aug-2017 03:43 AM
  • Dr. Patel has just opened his office in park slope. He was on time and knows his field or work very well. I already have a follow up appointment and am looking forward to a road of recovery for my ankle.
    By - Kevin C
    23-Aug-2017 03:42 AM
  • It was good. Would recommend it to a friend.
    By - Verified Patient
    23-Aug-2017 03:39 AM
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